Meet The Team

Get to know our experienced and knowledgable team members.

Iain - Store Manager


Store Manager

I oversee the overall running of Wonderland Models including sales, accounts, purchasing, shop displays and customer service. I am also responsible for the Wonderland Models website.

James - Assistant Manager


Assistant Manager

I am the assistant manager at Wonderland Models, having previously been in charge of the model railways department for many years. I primarily head up the internet order team dealing with customer service, but my responsibilities see me working in all departments of the shop.

Roderick - Assistant Manager


Assistant Manager

As an assistant manager my duties take me to every department.

Steven - Department Manager


Department Manager

Sales and incoming deliveries. General repair man and roofer.

Michael - Department Manager


Department Manager

I mainly work in the very busy despatch department, making sure your orders are well packaged and despatched promptly.

Richard - Department Manager


Department Manager

Within a couple of months at Wonderland Models I took charge of the plastic models department and I have been running it ever since. I am also responsible for creating much of the content for our website.

Alex - Sales Assistant


Sales Assistant

Just about everything from adding products to the website to painting the outside of the shop and attending air shows with the shop's yellow and blue tents.

Paul - Sales Assistant


Sales Assistant

I work primarily in the dispatch department but I’m often found floating around helping in other parts of the shop.

Craig - Sales Assistant


Sales Assistant

I work all around most of the shop picking online orders and floating around helping whoever needs a bit of help.

Douglas - Sales Assistant & Online Order Processor


Sales Assistant & Online Order Processor

Mainly responsible for processing orders for our online store.