Getting Started with Models

In this section, we'll share some helpful advice for newcomers to the model kits hobby.

An Introduction to


There are different kinds of models, from plastic and wooden model kits to pre-made diecast metal models and working steam engines. Our 'An Introduction to Models' article gives you a quick introduction to each of these kinds of models.

Essentials for

Model Kits

We have created an 'Essentials for Model Kits' article to give you an idea of the most essential items you will need to build to build a plastic model kit as well as some guidance on how to choose your first model.


A Buyer's Guide to

Plastic Model Kits

Our Buyer's Guide give an in-depth look at the hobby of making scale plastic model kits - explaining unfamiliar terminology and providing advice from our experts.


How to Apply Decals

Decals can prove to be one of the aspects of building plastic models that cause the most headaches when it comes to achieving a satisfactory result. Most of the common problems can be solved by following a few simple steps.