When did you start?

Started in Wonderland during the pandemic in December 2020.

Specialist Subject:

I don’t particularly have one, unless you count comic relief and not being a pilot. However I am a master picker of paints, glues and modelling accessories.

Favourite food:

I’ll eat pretty much anything though I am particularly fond of Italian.

Favourite biscuit:

Got to be Jaffa Cakes, despite the argument, definitely a biscuit.

Favourite film:

Very tough choice between Treasure Planet and Logan, one for pure nostalgia value the other for being a masterpiece of a superhero film.

Favourite character:

Probably me, everyone tells me I am a bit of a character.


I play a number of board games and video games with friends; I also play and collect Warhammer 40,000 and play far too much Dungeons and Dragons. I also enjoy movies and a good Netflix binge though that’s not really much of a hobby is it?