How long have you been with Wonderland Models?

I have been with Wonderland Models since February 2006.

Specialist Subject:

I can help you with diecast models, model railways, live steam models, quadcopters and drones.

Favourite Snack:

Jaffa Cakes and Yorkshire Tea, or a nice strong coffee!

Favourite Biscuit

Jaffa Cake…. IT’S A BISCUIT!!!

Favourite Film: 

Anything 80s.Labyrinth and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Big fan of cult classics, musicals, and horror movies.

Favourite Character: 

Any character played by Tim's a legend! (See what I did there?). Also Gomez and Morticia Addams from The Addams Family.

Favourite Music:

Eclectic at best - metal to musicals.

Favourite sport, who’s your team?

Ha’way the lads. Sunderland fan since forever.


Miniature painting, gaming and electronics, the supernatural, folklore and mythical lore.