Getting Started with Paints, Tools & Materials

In this section, we'll share some helpful advice for newcomers to modelling paints, tools, and materials.

An Introduction to

Paints, Tools & Materials

There are many different kinds of paints, tools, materials, and modelling accessories available for model making and other craft hobbies.


Our 'An Introduction to Paints, Tools & Materials' article gives you a quick introduction to the most commonly used paints, tools, and materials.

A Buyer's Guide to

Model Paints

There is a huge range of different types of paint available for model making, including acrylics, enamels, and cellulose lacquers, as well as polycarbonate spray paint.


Deciding which is best for you can be a tough decision. Our guide takes you through each type of paint and discusses their features, uses, pros and cons.

A Buyer's Guide to

Tools for Model Making

The range of tools available for model making is vast. Our guide will advise you on the most essential tools that you will need, then take you through the more specialist tools and accessories available.

A Buyer’s Guide to


Choosing the right glue for the job can be tricky. We take you through the different types of glue and application methods, advising you on the advantages of each and what materials they are best to be used with.

A Buyer's Guide to

Airbrushes for Model Making

Taking your first steps into airbrushing can be a daunting prospect. With all of the new terminology, different types of airbrushes and power sources, and a completely different way of painting with all new techniques can be confusing. Here we will break it all down in a way that is easy to understand so that you can make the best choice for you.


A Buyer's Guide to

Modelling Materials

Whether you are adding detail to a model, creating a diorama, or making everything from scratch, there are many modelling materials to choose from.


From plastic, wood, and metal materials in a range of shapes and sizes to scenic materials to replicate realistic features, we take you through it all.

Are Tamiya spray paints acrylic?

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Can I use car spray paint on my model kit?

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