How long have you been with Wonderland Models?

I have been working for Wonderland Models since November 2016.

Specialist Subject:

I pick up heavy things and move them to other locations very, very well.

Favourite Food:

Definitely Mexican food!

Favourite Biscuit:

Choco Leibniz or a Wagon Wheel.

Favourite Film:

Either Alien or The Thing.

Favourite Character:

Ellen Ripley from Alien.

Favourite sport, who’s your team?

Football or Boxing! Motherwell are my Scottish team so naturally I’m a massive Manchester United fan. In terms of boxing I grew up obsessed with Joe Calzaghe and nowadays I follow Gennady Golovkin, Canelo Alvarez, and Anthony Joshua.


I’m big into my fitness and have participated in lots of activities from amateur boxing to bodybuilding and athletics, I also enjoy art and do a lot of painting and graphic design in my free time. In addition to this I own a lot of board games and I host a weekly games night to justify my copious purchasing.