An Introduction to Paints, Tools & Materials

Our Paints, Tools, & Materials department has everything you need to build your model kits, model railways, and radio controlled models.

Paints & Varnishes

Here you will find all of the brush-on acrylic, enamel, and lacquer (cellulose) paints, as well as our ranges of spray paints and varnishes. We also stock the Vallejo Model Air range of airbrush-ready acrylic paints. We stock model paints from many of the most popular brands including Humbrol, Tamiya, Revell, Vallejo, and Xtracrylix, as well as the range of surfacers from Mr Hobby.


Check out our Buyer's Guide to Model Paints to help you decide which paints are right for you.


We stock a wide range of adhesives for model making. For plastic model kits we have poly cement in old-style tubes, precision applicators such as the Revell Contacta Pro, and liquid glue brush applicators, including extra-thin glue that works by capillary action such as the famous Plastic Weld used around the world for architectural models and the popular Tamiya Extra-Thin Cement. There are even plastic glues specifically designed for clear parts, and for the chromed parts that you get with model car and bike kits.


We also keep in stock several grades of super glue as well as wood glue, epoxy-resin, all-purpose glue, and glue for expanded polystyrene as used on radio-controlled aircraft models.


Our Buyer's Guide to Adhesives takes a more in-depth look at the different types od adhesives used for model making.

Filler, Sculpting Putty, & Clay

Most of the main brands of model paints and adhesives also incude in their range a model filler for filling fine gaps beween parts on your model. Want to try your hand at sculpting without having to fire clay in a kiln? Check out our range of air-drying clay from DAS. We also stock the range of epoxy sculpting putties from Milliput, as well as Green Stuff, that you can use to sculpt creations of your own imagining, or simply use it to fill gaps too large for model filler.

Casting Materials

We stock a range of Alumilite and Hobby Time casting materials including silicone rubber and rubber latex for mould-making, and casting resin, different grades of metal from Prince August, and casting plaster to pour into your moulds. We also stock casting accessories such as metal casting tools and mould release agents.


Edinburgh is famous for its universities, and with so many architectural, art, design, and engineering students we make sure to keep well stocked on building materials. We have strip plastic packs from Evergreen in a range of shapes and sizes, sheets of plastic card from Javis, and metals from Albion Alloys. We also stock a wide range of scenic materials including grass mats, scatter materials, and scenic trees. You will also find a range of pigment powders and washes in our weathering materials range.


In-store you will also find the Plastruct range of individual plastic strips, as well as balsa and hard wood stock. We also keep in stock architectural figures in various scales.


Paint brushes are available in various shapes and sizes. Flat brushes are perfect for painting large and flat surfaces such as the hull of a tank or fuselage of an aeroplane. Round brushes are more suited to curved surfaces such as on figures, and for small details such as on instrument panels. Both natural hair and synthetic brushes are suitable for use with enamel and acrylic paint, but natural hair brushes work better with enamel paints and synthetic brushes work better with acrylic paints. Hard-bristle brushes are best for stipple effects, and soft-bristle brushes are designed for applying cellulose dope to canvas on wooden aircraft models.


We stock individual brushes and brush packs from Tamiya and Revell, and also stock brush packs from Humbrol.

Airbrushes & Equipment

We stock a wide range of airbrushes, air compressors, accessories and spare parts from Badger Airbrushes and Revell. Popular for beginners are the Badger Precision Spray Set and Revell Basic Airbrush & Compressor. We know that airbrushes can be a little confusing so to help you out we have written A Buyer's Guide to Airbrushes for Model Making.

Tools & Accessories

At Wonderland Models we stock a wide range of tools. Tools sets, cutting & scribing tools, drills and drill bits, masking tape and masking fluid, thinner & cleaner, tweezers & pliers, holding tools, measuring tools, screwdrivers, finishing & polishing abrasives, tools for radio-controlled models, work stations & cutting mats, and many more.


Check out our Buyer's Guide to Tools for Model Making for an in-depth look at all of the different kits of tools and accessories used in model making.