18 June 2021 | Wonderland

Meet the Team - Richard

Meet the Team - Richard

Name: Richard

How long have you been with Wonderland Models? I first started at Wonderland Models back in 2007, shortly after finishing college. I spent a couple of years away from the company before returning, quickly resuming my previous role and feeling like I’d never left.

Role/Department: Within a couple of months at Wonderland Models I took charge of the plastic models department and I have been running it ever since. I am also responsible for creating much of the content for our website.

Specialist Subject: My main interest is in plastic model kits for ground combat, so figures, tanks, etc. I mostly collect subjects from world war two but have an interest ranging from armies of the ancient world through to the far future of science fiction.

Favourite Food: It’s hard to top a nice juicy ribeye steak, unless it's with peppercorn sauce.

Favourite Film: The Count of Monte Cristo (2002) starring Jim Caviezel and the great Richard Harris.

Favourite Character: The King of Sass himself: Elim Garak from Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

Hobbies: In addition to building plastic model kits, I enjoy playing tabletop wargames and playing PC games. I have also worked on several tabletop and RPG rules systems, including the Focused Firepower WWII game that you can get for free online, which is designed to be used with 1/72 scale models. I am also working on a long-term motorcycle restoration and conversion project.

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