An Introduction to Radio Control

There are different kinds of radio controlled models, from small cars and boats to large scale trucks and trailers, and even planes you can fly. Here we will give a brief introduction to each of these kinds of radio controlled models.

What are radio controlled models?

Radio control models are model kits and prebuilt vehicles that you control using a radio handset more commonly referred to as RC models. They range from small prebuilt cars you can race round the table up to large scale trucks that you build and paint yourself. RC models are available in a range of different scales.


Tamiya are amongst the most popular brands of radio controlled models, making everything from classic cars, race cars, off-road buggies, tanks, and trucks. While most are kits that require assembly, Tamiya also produce a wide range of prebuilt 'ready to run' RC models.


If building your own kit is not your cup of tea there is also HPI, Revell, HuiNa and Hobbyzone who all make prebuilt RC models.

Radio Controlled Cars

RC cars are radio-controlled models of road cars, off-road vehicles, and buggies


This range includes Maisto 1/24 scale pre built models that are for indoor use, and their larger more rugged buggies and rock crawlers that you can use in the garden. This range is aimed at younger children and are a great way to get them started with radio controlled models.


For older kids and adults looking to get started in RC cars with something a little more advanced, the HPI range of prebuilt cars are bigger, faster, and more rugged - perfect for taking  out to the local park and woods, and racing your friends. These range from the 1/18 scale Ion range up to the 1/10 scale Strada and Quantum ranges.


By far the biggest range we offer in RC cars is the Tamiya range of kits, which allow you to take you RC experience to a whole new level as you assemble all of the parts yourself, and paint it in any way you want. So not only will you get to know the workings of the car, you will be able to make it into your dream car. If you feel your skills aren't quite up to building a Tamiya RC model, check out the Tamiya X-SA range of semi assembled RC cars that only require the additional purchase of radio equipment, a battery and a charger.

Radio Controlled Trucks

RC trucks are radio-controlled model lorries and trailers.


HuiNa make a great range of prebuilt construction trucks and equipment that are perfect for you to recreate construction sites from around the world, or even just remodel the sand pit.


Once again Tamiya stand as the top brand when it comes to RC truck kits that you build yourself. These large 1/14 scale trucks are so accurate to real life that not only can you have working lights you can set them up to have all the sounds and vibrations that the real trucks would have. The range of trucks is supported by a range of different types of trailers. Tamiya also produce a range of prebuilt RC truck models in their Tamiya Factory Finished Trucks range.

Radio Controlled Tanks

RC tanks are radio-controlled models of tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles.


With fully working tracks and suspension, RC tanks allow you to take on all but the roughest terrain. Controllable turrets make these the undisputed kings of the back garden battlefield. The range of RC tanks include classic legends of World War II such as the famous German Tiger heavy tank, through to modern main battle tanks like the US M1A2 Abrams.


Tamiya produce an excellent range of RC tank kits and there are also prebuilt RC tanks from Hobby Engine, Forces of Valor, and Trumpeter.

RC Quadcopters & Drones

RC quadcopters and drones are radio controlled aircraft featuring 4 propellers and inbuilt hover technology.


At Wonderland Models we stock the popular Hubsan and Syma brands of quadcopters. Most of our drones feature an inbuilt camera. From the tiny Hubsan Nano micro radio controlled quadcopter to play with at home or in the office, up to the professional-level Syma W1 Drone with multiple cameras up to 4k resolution and GPS.

Radio Controlled Tractors

Our RC tractors department includes radio controlled tractors and other farming vehicles.


The most popular range of remote controlled tractors is from Siku, who produce many different tractors and trailers based on real-life vehicles from around the world. Britains, famous for their animals and diecast metal farm vehicles, also includes a radio controlled John Deere 6190R Tractor in their range. As does Maisto with their New Holland RC Tractor.

Radio Controlled Planes

RC planes are radio-controlled aeroplanes.


Hobbyzone produce a popular range of ready to fly RC planes sets that include the transmitter, receiver, battery, and charger in addition to the plane itself - everything you need to get up and flying in no time at all.  These kits come part assembled and are easy and fun  for beginners and experienced RC pilots alike. The Hobby Zone Duet Radio Controlled Plane is the perfect place to get started.

Radio Controlled Boats

Our RC boats department is where you will find radio-controlled boats, ships, and submarines.


There are a great range of different boats available to choose from, including both ready to run sets and model kits. If you're into sailing, take a look at the Gunther range of prebuilt ready to run radio controlled model yachts. There is a great selection of radio controlled racing boats available from Invento and Volantex. There is even a radio controlled mini submarine.


We also stock the Caldercraft range of highly detailed model kits that are specifically designed for radio control. These kits feature a one-piece fibreglass hull, wooden parts, and metal fittings. They also include a pre-made propeller shaft. The detailed plans indicate where the radio gear and ballast should be placed in the hull.

RC Equipment & Accessories

The RC equipment and accessories section includes your batteries, chargers, and control equipment.


Our radio equipment department has all of your essential radio gear from Carson. Choose from a wide range of RC transmitters, receivers, and servos, or grab one of our excellent package deals. Our package deals also include a battery and battery charger. Here you will also find sound units to upgrade your RC cars and trucks.


Our vast range of accessories for radio controlled models includes many optional parts, including wheels and tyres, batteries and chargers, electronic speed controllers, and fuel for your nitro radio controlled models.

Radio Control Spares

RC spares are parts that you can buy to repair your radio controlled model if you have a hard crash and need to replace damaged parts. Our spares department also includes a range of optional upgrade motors.