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Modelling Glues and Accessories

At Wonderland Models we stock a wide variety of Modelling Glues and Accessories from the best manufacturers around including Araldite, React, Grip and many more. We offer a wide range of glues and accessories including Araldite Extra Strong Epoxy, Modelstrip, Squadron White Putty and many more.
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Wonderland Models regret that we are unable to ship Model Paints, Glues, Thinners, Varnishes outside of Europe due to postage restrictions. Royal Mail will no longer deliver Restricted Goods including solvent based paints, wood varnishes, Alclad and enamel paints over 150ml, so these must now be sent by courier.

Araldite Rapid Setting and Araldite Standard Slow setting two part glues are a perfect example of Modelling Glue.
These are super strong, long lasting solvent free adhesives which are water resistant, can be painted or sanded and can be used on almost every surface: metal, wood, masonry, most plastics, leather, cardboard, fabrics and rubber. Rapid glue starts to set in 5 minutes. Standard glue can be repositioned for up to 2 hrs before it starts to set. Modelstrip is great for stripping unwanted paint from model kits.
React Cyanoacrylate Adhesives (superglue) come in 50g and 20g plastic bottles, and come in three thicknesses, thick, medium and thin supplied with a screw top with a pin in the cap to stop the cap from gluing itself on. These will glue endless items to one another including plastic models with photo-etch metal, and are also handy for use about the house for non-modelling work.
Grip produce Superglue Activators in 50ml pump bottles and a 200ml spray can. Use these on superglue for instant setting. Grip also produce a de-bonder, which is an essential for use with superglue in the event of small accidents.
Another of the modelling glues we stock is Plastic Weld. This glue is used by holding items together then dissolving a thin film on each surface which evaporates very quickly forming a welded joint, thus creating a bond as strong as the surrounding areas. It is ideal for most Styrene, ABS, Acrylic or Perspex forming a good bond and a clear joint.