A guide to Radio Controlled Toys

 Radio controlled (RC) toys have developed from humble beginnings into a growing industry for children's toys and more serious hobbyists. With such a huge range of options available, knowing what to buy is the hardest part.  In this article we discuss the different levels of RC toys out there to enable you to make the best choice and avoid paying a fortune and not enjoying it. 

The first radio controlled device was designed by Nikola Tesla in 1893, when he designed and demonstrated a radio controlled boat.  Back then radio controlled technology was developed for military purposes.  Thankfully these days the emphasis is on fun and Radio Controlled toys come in a range of sizes and costs to suit any buyer.  The range starts at small budget models and extends to highly detailed replicas of a wide range of vehicles.

There is a huge collection of radio controlled products available today.  These include radio controlled cars, planes, quadcopters, boats and even tractors for the workers out there!   Prices start at below £20 and can run into the thousands.  The best advice is to buy according to your experience, and as you build up knowledge and ability, you can move up through the different levels of speed and complexity. 

If you have limited or no experience of piloting models, then the Hubsan Q4 Quadcopter or Hobbyzone Duet RTF Plane should be the perfect starting point.  Being easy to operate and having a long battery life they provide a solid platform to begin your training in the world of flight. Moving on from these basic trainers would involve adding more features to the planes such as more responsive controls allowing for more exciting manoeuvre's or GPS and cameras to the quadcopters  

If you prefer to stay on the ground, then the Tamiya range of cars, trucks and tanks offer a huge variety of options starting with their range of X-SA pre-assembled cars that just need radio equipment added. If you would rather build your car then the range of kits on offer includes classics such as the Lunch Box and Grasshopper or more modern releases like the TT-02 Ford Escort Cosworth. If you like the idea of driving straight from the box then the HPI range consists of high quality ready to run cars with everything from the ION and Strada range of entry level cars up to Nitro powered monsters such as the 4.6 Savage X

If you have more of a nautical persuasion then the Racent Vector SR48 RC Race Boat is a great starting point.  It comes ready to run, meaning all you need to do is charge the batteries and away you go.  Other watercraft include authentic fishing boats, yachts and pleasure cruisers.

So if there's a child's birthday coming up in your family or just maybe even an idea for a Christmas gift for a family member, go to Wonderland Models and consider buying a radio controlled toy as a present.  Its fun the whole family can enjoy, time and time again.


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