Buyers' Guide to Scalextric

Scalextric cars have come a long way since their humble beginnings over half a century ago. Today, the slot car manufacturer, whose brand is as synonymous with its line of business as Hoover is with vacuum cleaners and Tannoy is with public announcement systems, is a flourishing business with new technological advances and licensed products ensuring it stays at the forefront of the slot car industry.

Experience Level 

Scalextric sets today are very diverse and offer several technological innovations to improve driver enjoyment. A good basic set is the Scalextric International Super GT Set, while for more experienced drivers, there's the Scalextric ARC AIR Track Day Set or the Scalextric BTCC Touring Car Battle Set.

Micro Sets

Micro Scalextric sets and cars are primarily aimed at younger drivers, and are made at a 1:64 scale. A good starter's choice is the Micro Scalextric Hyper Cars Set, which features larger, easy connect/disconnect track pieces, which are ideal for the younger racers out there. The sets are suitable for drivers from the age 3 and up and are great for enhancing your child's eye-hand co-ordination skills.

Themed Sets 

Licensed Scalextric products have always been popular gifts, with previous years' best-sellers including the James Bond Quantum of Solace Scalextric and the Scalextric Lewis Hamilton sets. This year the James Bond 007 Spectre Set is an excellent additions to the existing collection of licensed Scalextric sets.

Digital Slot Car Racing

Scalextric Digital is an excellent choice for the more serious slot car racing enthusiasts. Up to six cars can now race against each other, with the hand throttles set up to switch lanes, allowing competitors to overtake and block each other. There is also a break button to allow for superior control around corners. Experienced drivers will be interested in the Scalextric Digital Supercars Set or the popular Scalextric Law Enforcer Digital Set.

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