The 10 Best Value for Money Nitro RC Cars and Trucks in 2010

Nitro RC cars and trucks are some of the most popular ready to run RC toys on the market. They offer sophisticated steering, high speeds and come in on and off-road models. There’s only one thing – they tend to be more expensive than their electric counterparts. In order to make selection of the right nitro RC toy easier for you, this article lists 10 of the best value-for-money models on the market.

The Ansmann Nitro Virus 2.0 is a ready-to-run 1:8 scale nitro radio control car with, perfect for finding out how these models work. Built with powerful engine and tuned-up muffler, it can reach speeds of up to 46 mph, and is equally adept at freestyle off-road driving and racing. The pre-installed 40 MHz pistol grip transmitter with receiver allows for easy acceleration and deceleration.

The Ansmann Nitro Vapor 2.0 is another ready-to-run 1:8 scale nitro RC car from Ansmann and was developed with one thing in mind – to achieve high speeds and advanced steering under all weather conditions. Truly a state-of-the art buggy, the mid-engine design and the extra-large shocks result in the overall balance of the car and its exceptional jumping characteristics.

The Schumacher Riot 2 Nitro Stadium Truck is a high quality 1:10 scale stadium nitro RC truck, with stunning performance and handling. The trademark durability comes from innovative suspension and oil filled shock absorbers, which helps soak up bumps and jumps with ease. The powerful Schumacher R18 pull-start engine helps the Nitro RC truck reach speeds of over 50 mph.

The Schumacher Rascal 2 is another high-performance nitro RC truck. At 1:16 scale, it will out-accelerate most big monster trucks and with agile handling, it's great fun to drive. At the same time, it uses standard size radio equipment and industry standard buggy tyres, so the options for customisation are endless. With its four wheel independent suspension and oil filled shocks, the Rascal is not afraid of the rough stuff either.

The Tamiya XGB Mad Spirit in 1:10 scale is the newest addition to the Tamiya TNS chassis family. Using Tamiya’s highly-acclaimed TNS engine chassis as a basic platform, this factory assembled nitro RC buggy is targeted at entry to mid-level engine drivers. It is equally comfortable either on or off-road.

The Tamiya Nitro Crusher in 1:10 scale is a read to run radio control truck that is designed for rough and ready off-road action, including climbing over whatever gets in its way. The controller’s unique, simple design features a steering wheel for a minimum of distractions and high performance. The compact fuel tank allows for high speeds and impressive jumps, even by Tamiya standards.

The Thunder Tiger SSK is a 1:10 scale nitro monster truck is ready to run straight from the box. It has a powerful Tiger PRO-15BXS pull-start engine and 4WD traction, making it a tough competitor for budding off-road racers or just a great option for serious hobbyists.

The new Thunder Tiger Tomahawk BX is a 1:10 scale off-road buggy, equipped with a powerful PRO-18BX pull-start engine, which will have you clearing jumps and gaps on the track or at your local field with ease. The buggy's optimum weight distribution and wide stance enables the driver full control during the off-road experience.

The Thunder Tiger Hammer S18 in 1:12 scale is a radio control nitro monster truck that is small in size, but big in attitude. In order to handle its powerful PRO-18 engine, it features an extruded chassis and reinforced metal to ensure that you can obtain maximum power and torque when needed.

Take the ever-popular MTA4 truck and combine it with the all-new, powerful PRO50-BK engine and you have the Thunder Tiger MTA4 Sledge Hammer S50, a seriously mean piece of kit. To make sure the extra power gets down on to the ground, the 2-speed transmission comes with new tough steel gears to handle the massive torque.

So if you’re looking to take the next step and graduate from electric to nitro RC cars, any of the models listed in this article will provide value-for-money for years to come. Don’t forget that you can find great nitro RC deals by searching online and to check racing forums for further informed opinions on each model.


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