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Zvezda 1/35 Soviet T-34/85 Tank - 3533

Zvezda 1/35 Soviet T-34/85 Tank Image

Zvezda 1/35 Soviet T-34/85 Tank

Manufacturer: Zvezda
Model: 3533
Scale: 1/35
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The Zvezda Soviet T-34/85 Tank in 1/35 scale from the plastic tank model range accurately recreates the real life Russian tank used throughout World War II.

This plastic tank kit requires paint and glue to complete.

The T-34/85 Model 1944 was the latest and most advanced modification of the T-34 series of medium tanks developed by the Soviet Union in World War Two. The vehicle was the best in its class and was widely used in the liberation of Eastern Europe and assault on Berlin in 1945. After the war, T-34/85s underwent some minor enchancements and were used in the Middle east, Vietnam, and the territory of the former Republic of Yugoslavia.

Manufacturer: Zvezda
Model: 3533 Soviet T-34/85 Tank
Scale: 1/35

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Zvezda 1/35 Soviet T-34/85 Tank 1
Average rating: 2 Star Rating 2
  • Zvezda 1/35 Soviet T-34/85 Tank 22nd February 2013
    2 Star Rating 2 Reviewed by: Anders Kristian K.


    the kit itself is really annoying. it was annoying to build, and it gave me nothing but a headache. if you want a t-34 then go for one of those that cost a little more, because this isn't worth your time.
    the only good thing about this kit is that it looks DECENT when build and painted.

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