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Revell 1/72 NATO Combat Pilots Model Figures - 02402

Revell 1/72 NATO Combat Pilots Model Figures Image

Revell 1/72 NATO Combat Pilots Model Figures

Manufacturer: Revell
Model: 02402
Scale: 1/72
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The Revell NATO Combat Pilots Model Figures in 1/72 scale from the plastic figure models range accurately recreates the real life German, british and US military pilots.

This Revell figures kit requires paint, and may require glue, to complete. This is just one of many great kits from the Revell plastic models range.

For this model we recommend using paints from the following ranges.

We also highly recommend the following ranges for tools and accessories.

Combat pilots are specially trained for the severe conditions when flying powerful military aircraft, as they are subject to much higher G forces than in civil aircraft. To protection them against the loss of blood to the head caused by the heavy stresses of banking incurred at up to nine times acceleration due to gravity, the pilots wear special pressure suits, also called G suits.

This set contains various figures representing pilots of the German, British and US air forces. Some of the limbs are separate so that the figures fit more easily into the cockpit. Different poses can be positioned in and around the aircraft.

Manufacturer: Revell
Model: 02402 NATO Combat Pilots Model Figures
Scale: 1/72

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Revell 1/72 NATO Combat Pilots Model Figures 1
Average rating: 4 Star Rating 4
  • Revell 1/72 NATO Combat Pilots Model Figures 20th May 2013
    4 Star Rating 4 Reviewed by: Robert B.

    obliged to buy

    This kit contains 28 figures, 12 are of seated aircrew while the remaining 16 are standing about casually waiting to scramble! Some of each type have poseable features.I only really needed a few pilots for kits that do not supply them, annoyingly, so I was obliged to buy these but should have enough to be going on with for a while.
    Excellent service and delivery as always.

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