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Hobby Boss 1/48 General Dynamics FB-111 Aardvark - 80351

Hobby Boss
Hobby Boss 1/48 General Dynamics FB-111 Aardvark Image

Hobby Boss 1/48 General Dynamics FB-111 Aardvark

Manufacturer: Hobby Boss
Model: 80351
Scale: 1/48
Now £47.99
Excl. VAT: £39.99



The Hobby Boss General Dynamics FB-111 Aardvark in 1/48 scale from the plastic aircraft model range accurately recreates the real life US multi-role combat aircraft.

This plastic aircraft kit requires paint and glue to complete.

The F-111 Aardvark was designed as a all-weather multi-role aircraft by the General Dynamics. It was the result of the requirement in the 1960s for a long range interceptor to US Navy and deep-strike interdictor to USAF, but the Navy versions was failed, so the project ended as an strike aircraft. The F-111 with a Features as twin-seat,twin-power, Swing-wing, a semi-monocoque aircraft, First flight 21 December 1964. first production F-111s were delivered on 18 July 1967. the F-111s total production was 563 aircraft. F -111A is the early Variants of the F-111 Family, 158 F -111A was built.

The FB-111 is a strategic bomber development of the F-111. The FB-111 is longer and can carry more fuel, but doesn't have real intercontinental range; this is compensated by its missile armament.

Manufacturer: Hobby Boss
Model: 80351 General Dynamics FB-111 Aardvark
Scale: 1/48

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