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BSA Rifles Scorpion Carbine Tactical Air Rifle - 369-T

BSA Rifles
BSA Rifles Scorpion Carbine Tactical Air Rifle Image

BSA Rifles Scorpion Carbine Tactical Air Rifle

Manufacturer: BSA Rifles
Model: 369-T
Now £454.99
Excl. VAT: £379.16



The BSA Scorpion Carbine Tactical Air Rifle is a Precharge Air Rifle in the BSA Air Rifles range.

This is the perfect rifle for airgunners who prefer traditional, straightforward performance teamed with rock-solid build quality and no-nonsense design. The Scorpion’s single-shot, bolt-action format is simplicity itself to use and the rifle’s quick-fit charging system makes it just as easy to run.

The Scorpion’s fully-floating, match-accurate barrel is set deeply into the breech block for total stability and comes ready-threaded to take a silencer. A generous pellet loading bay ensures fast, easy loading and the ergonomic ‘Bolas’ bolt-handle makes cocking virtually effortless. Affordable, practical, and built to last a lifetime, the Scorpion provides
the performance while you get on with the shooting!

  • Overall Length:
  • Rifle 92.5cm/36.5in
  • Carbine 85cm/33.5 in
  • Barrel Length:
  • Rifle 47cm/18.5in
  • Carbine 38cm/15 in
  • Weight:
  • Rifle 3.5kg/7.7lbs
  • Carbine 3.1kg/6.8lbs
  • Maximum Carbine Power:
  • .177/4.5mm: 825 ft/sec, 250 m/sec
  • .22/5.5mm: 570 ft/sec, 173 m/sec

Full-power action
The Scorpion delivers over 70 shots at 11-plus ft.lbs. in .22 calibre. More than enough to fill any gamebag many times over.

Fully-floating barrel
With BSA precision rifling for match accuracy, threaded and supplied with highly efficient muzzle brake as standard.

Slick bolt-action
Hand-filling ‘Bolas’ bolt-handle can be reversed to suit left-handed shooters. Easy-action cocking and loading.

Fully-chequered stock
Crafted from lacquered beech or walnut, this stock comes complete with full chequering and fitted sling swivels.

Air Guns and The Law

Available calibre:

  • .22 (368-T)
  • .177 (369-T)

Manufacturer: BSA
Model: Scorpion Carbine Tactical Air Rifle

Rifles come without scopes. Deals with scopes are available in store.
For stock availability please mail us:

This gun is only available for purchase in store.
From 1st October 2007 all sales of air pistols and air rifles must be made face to face, ie over the counter and therefore all mail order and internet sales of these items will be banned from this date.

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