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Airfix 1/76 Sherman Crab Tank Model Kit - A02320

Airfix 1/76 Sherman Crab Tank Model Kit Image

Airfix 1/76 Sherman Crab Tank Model Kit

Manufacturer: Airfix
Model: A02320
Scale: 1/76
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The Airfix 1/76 Sherman 'Crab' Tank, this plastic model kit accurately represents the Sherman Crab Tank it requires glue and paint to be completed.

The mine flail consists of a horizontal, rapidly-rotating rotor mounted in front of the vehicle on two arms. Fist-sized steel balls are attached to the rotor by chains (flails). The rotor's rotation causes the flails to spin wildly and to continuously and violently strike the ground.

The force of these strikes mimics a person or vehicle passing over the mines and causes them to detonate, but in a safe manner that does little damage to the flails or the vehicle

Manufacturer: Airfix
Model: A02320 Sherman 'Crab' Tank

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