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Microscale Model Varnish and Decal Solutions

At Wonderland Models our Microscale range consists of Microscale Micro Set, Micro Sol, Micro Kristal Kleer and much more. We offer a wide range of modelling accessories including Liquid Decal Film, Micro Mask and many more.
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Wonderland Models regret that we are unable to ship Model Paints, Glues, Thinners, Varnishes outside of Europe due to postage restrictions. Royal Mail will no longer deliver Restricted Goods including solvent based paints, wood varnishes, Alclad and enamel paints over 150ml, so these must now be sent by courier.

Microscale products cover a good range of good quality modelling accessories. We provide the following items in the range: Microscale Micro Set for use with decal sheets, use this to get decals to soften and to improve adhesion to your model kit. Apply to model before putting on decals, allow decal to settle, wait a few minutes then press down with a moist paper towel. When happy apply Micro Sol on top, this process will help decals blend into the model giving them a painted on look. For decal removal apply Micro Set on to decal until decal loosens then remove from kit, an easy and tidy solution to an awkward task. Microscale also produces a Gloss, Satin and Flat Acrylic Varnish. The advantage of this is that it will not yellow over time. Microscale Kristal Kleer is used to secure aircraft canopies and other clear parts into place. When dry this white fluid becomes transparent so it is ideal for the job. Another use is to make small windows, ideal for airline modellers or portholes on ships. The fluid is drawn across the opening and when it is dry is completely clear. Finally there is Liquid Decal Film. Use this to save old decals or reinforce thin ones. All in all, very handy stuff.