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Christmas Modelling Accessories Gift Ideas

Christmas Modelling Accessories Gift Ideas

Treat your loved ones to a gift that they will really love this Christmas. Check out the Wonderland Models Christmas gift top picks for modelling tools and accessories. Check out our Buyer's Guide to Tools for Model Making for an in-depth look at the tools and accessories available for building model kits.

Essential Model Making Tools

Get all of your esseential model making tools in one pack with one of our fantastic tool sets. There are also a number of types of glue and extra accessories that you will want to pick up as well.

Work Stations

A work station will help keep your work area tidy, and if you don't have somewhere permanent to work such as using the kitchen counter when you get get to it, you can just pick up and move the workstation without having to pack everything away. All work stations feature places to store your brushes upright and somewhere to put your cup of water or thinners, as well as a working area where you can put a cutting mat.

Top Quality Tools

The range of quality tools available for model making is vast, from high quality clippers and knives through to photo booths so that you can take great pictures of your completed models, we have you covered.

Airbrushes & Compressors

Take your painting to the next level with an airbrush. For more detail on airbrushes, check out our Buyer's Guide to Airbrushes for Model Making. Here are some of our most popular spray guns, airbrushes, and air compressors.

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