Top 10 Toys For Christmas

The festive season will soon be upon us, and for those looking to buy their loved ones scale models or RC toys, we at Wonderland Models have compiled a list of the Top 10 toys for Christmas. The following is a list of these in no particular order.

Scalextric Digital Pro GT Set

1. Scalextric Digital Pro GT Set 
The Scalextric Digital Pro GT Set is a new release for this year, and offers the ultimate in slot car racing, being the largest Scalextric set available on the market today. The track layout measures 280cm x 140cm and comes with four digital Scalextric cars, an Aston Martin DBR9, Porsche 911 GT3-R, Maserati MC12 and a Ferrari F430. If you happen to have classic Scalextric tracks to spare you can incorporate these with Scalextric converter straights into the new set.


Hornby City Industrial Train Set

2. Hornby City Industrial Train Set 
Hornby is one of the leading manufacturers of model train sets, and the Hornby City Industrial Train Set offers excellent value for money - the set comes complete with a 0-4-0 Saddle Tank Loco, 3 wagons, 4 wheel coach and large oval track with a siding. It is ideal for starters and is sure to be one of the best selling Hornby train sets this year.


Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Set

3. Hornby Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince 
Any Harry Potter fan will appreciate the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince set. This Hornby set comes complete with a Hogwarts Castle class locomotive and two coaches to drive across the oval track. The train also has a working headlight to aid night time pickups. For those wishing to further their enjoyment of the train set, it is compatible with any of the 00 gauge Hornby accessories.


Silverlit V22 Vertical Take-Off Plane

4. Silverlit V22 Vertical Take-Off Plane 
The X-Twin Silverlit V22 Vertical Take-Off Plane, released this year, is styled like the real military aircraft and is great value for money. As the name implies, the rc plane can take off and land like a helicopter, but once in flight the rear propeller drives the plane forward. This radio control plane offers hours of fun and offers the sophistication of a more expensive 3-channel hobby rc plane for considerably less.


Silverlit Classic Sopwith Camel

5. Silverlit Classic Sopwith Camel 
The latest edition to the Silverlit Classic series is the Sopwith Camel, which takes the old favourite X-Twin mini biplane to a new level. Styled to resemble the famous World War 1 fighter, the 2 channel rtf radio control plane has excellent flying stability and precision speed control, making it easy to handle, even for less experienced flyers. It is also made of special material to withstand most crashes, just in case.


Eflite Blade mSR

6. Eflite Blade mSR  
The Eflite Blade mSR is the latest in ultra-micro radio control helicopters, weighing in at less than one ounce ready to fly. The design of the single propeller plane is based on the Blade mCX and Blade mCX S300 with increased agility and speed. With a compact 18cm rotor span, it offers the same stability as traditional twin-rotor, or co-axial, helicopters, but thanks to a fixed-pitch, bell-hiller design, the mSR can deliver a much more responsive and spirited performance that would normally only be associated with larger single-rotor models. Wonderland Models also stocks a full line of Eflite Blade spares and option parts.


Tamiya Lunch Box

7. Tamiya Lunch Box
The Tamiya Lunch Box is another great classic re-creation of days gone by. First released in 1987, the radio control truck has an angular minivan body raised over monster truck wheels to ensure this rc van will get attention anywhere you choose to drive it. We also stock a wide variety of Tamiya Accessories and Humbro acrylic spray paints to customise and make the most out of your Tamiya Lunch box. Also available is the more advanced Tamiya XB Lunch Box, which comes with improved suspension and wheelie bar for impressive stunts.


Papo Lion Heart Castle

8. Papo Lion Heart Castle 
The Papo Lion Heart Castle from leading manufacturer Le Toy Van is an exciting, super-size medieval castle that features a "knock-out" wall and drawbridge with portcullis, making it perfect for imaginative battles and great knights of fun! The castle also has a spacious courtyard for large sword fights, a painted wooden base with moat design, archers' towers, a ladder, 2 flags, and plenty of internal tower space to play. Constructed of painted wooden panels that slide together, the Lion Heart Castle from Papo Toys is the grandest Papo castle you can find for serious knight play.


Le Toy Van Sophies Dolls House

9. Le Toy Van Sophies Dolls House   
The Le Toy Van Sophies Dolls House is every little girl's dream house. Sturdily constructed and decorated in pink and white, it is sure to be a popular gift this Christmas. The house has an opening attic roof, pretty window boxers and shuttered windows, which open to give easy access to the 3 floors of the house. The house comes with a starter pack of 30 pieces of dolls house furniture, including a kitchen sink, cooker, dining table and much more. Wonderland Models also stock any additional Le Toy Van dolls and dolls house furniture you may need.


Rosebud Deluxe Furniture Collection Set of 6

10. Rosebud Deluxe Furniture Collection Set of 6  
The Rosebud Deluxe Furniture Collection Set of 6 from Le Toy Van gives you a complete set of dolls house furniture for your doll house. The set includes furniture for the dining room, master bedroom, sitting room, kitchen, bathroom and children's bedroom. Your Le Toy Van doll family will simply love this miniature fabric and wood furniture collection.

Hopefully this list will provide you with some good starting points for what to look for in a Christmas gift this season. For more gift ideas and to keep up-to-date with the latest trends in scale models and toys, please sign up to the Wonderland e-mail list.


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