Amazing 1/35 Scale Takom Military Kits

Check out this amazing selection of 1/35 scale Takom Military Plastic Model Kits! Featuring three highly detailed versions of the British Chieftain tank: The Mk.5/5p, The Mk.10 and the Mk.11, all with 15% off! We've also got some other great 1/35 Takom Kits, including: The WWI era British Mk.A Whippet and Mk.IV Hermaphrodite tanks, a French Late Type St. Chamond Tank, a German Skoda 42cm M1917 Heavy Seige Howitzer and finally a Ukranian Late Production KRAZ-6322 Military Truck. Watch out for more great offers and new releases from Wonderland Models!

1/35 Takom Kits Featuring: The Chieftain!

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