Schleich Celebrates Summer in Edinburgh!


Children who love the fascinating world of animals, fairies, elves and historical heroes, can take part in a special Schleich Play Day, hosted by Wonderland Models Toy Shop in Edinburgh during the holidays.

Schleich Display at Wonderland Models

The fun starts at 9am on Saturday 20th of August at Wonderland Models, 97 & 101 Lothian Road, in Edinburgh and will be marked with lots of goodies such as balloons and colouring activities.  Parents and children who visit the store will receive a free Schleich figure with every three Schleich toys they buy.

Schleich is the world leading brand of children’s figurines and are best known for incredibly lifelike, hand-painted animals and historical pieces such as knights and chargers amongst many others.

Store Manager Iain Reid said: “We are looking forward to lots of parents and children joining us during the promotion, to celebrate the summer holidays and the fabulous Schleich toys we have in store. Schleich toys are wonderful, with highly detailed animals and magical creatures, all hand painted and unique. We hope that everyone enjoys our Schleich Play Day and invite everyone to attend!”


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