Nikko Batteries 50% Off!!

Wonderland Models have managed to get hold of the much sought after Nikko rechargeable batteries. Since the distribution problems of Nikko in the UK there has been an extreme shortage of these so you better get what's left while it is still available!!

Nikko 9.6 Volt Cassette Packs

Nikko 9.6 Volt Cassette Battery Pack This Nikko 9.6 Volt Cassette Battery Pack is suitable for many of the Nikko radio control cars and trucks.

Special Offer £11.99 Now Only: £6.99

Nikko 9.6 Volt Battery Packs

Nikko 9.6 Volt Battery PackAn extra Nikko 9.6 Volt Battery Pack is highly recommended for all radio control car drivers. This will give much needed extra play time when required.

Special Offer £14.99 Now Only: £7.50


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