New Silverlit Radio Controlled Toys For Christmas

Wonderland Models first batch of the new radio control toys from Silverlit will arrive mid October. The Top Five toys for Christmas 2009 include the brand new innnovative Boeing V22 Osprey which looks like an aeroplane but incorporates two sets of horizontal main rotors to allow it to take of vertically like an rc helicopter. This Silverlit micro rc helicopter model has two different modes of operation allowing it to taxi on a smooth surface and also the three channel infrared remote control allows this heli to fly precisely indoors. It weighs just 29g and has a wingspan of 15 centimetres.
Silverlit V22 Osprey
The X-Twin Classic Series Sopwith Camel  is a miniature radio control biplane that features a single propellor, spoked wheels and wing struts. The aircraft's pre-installed two channel radio control provides rudder and proportional throttle control. The rerchargeable onboard battery in the plane can be charged from the transmitter for lots of playtime every day.
Silverlit Sopwith Camel
The Picoo Z Sky Auto is a helicopter and a car! This brand new three channel convertible will run around on any smooth surface and steer left and right. If you switch over to helicopter mode by pressing the button on top of the controller you can take off, spin in either direction, hover and descend with three different modes of forward movement.
Picoo Z Sky Auto
The Skybot Attack offers a pair of flying rc robots with twin rotors mounted on their shoulders which can take off vertically when required. They also have a third rear rotor to turn them left and right. These two Skybot Robots can chase each other using their infrared lasers to temporarily disable their opponent while using sound effects.
Silverlit Skybot Attack
Lastly the Heli Mission RC Truck and Helicopter includes a SWAT truck featuring twin LED headlights, four flashing blue hazard warning lights along with dual sirens giving great sound effects. It also has remotely operated roof doors. The automatic rising launch platform lets the three channel Picoo Z rc helicopter to take off from the truck on its many secret missions! The remote control truck can be steered left and right and driven forwards and backwards. You simply switch the same rc tranmitter to allow either vehicle to be operated individually.
Silverlit Heli Mission


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