New Papo Figures April 2015

Papo have just released many new toy figures and animals to compliment their ranges of Dragons, Fairytale, Knights and Wild and Farm animals. At Wonderland Models we are the leading supplier of the full range of Papo toys in the UK supplying customers worldwide. Sign up to our newsletter today so we can keep you up to date with all the latest new releases in our ranges.

Mini World
33020 Mini Tub Wild Animals
36005 Goblin
36006 Articulated Dragon
36008 Emerald Dragon

Fairytale World

39094 Prince and Princess on Horse
39097 Princess on Swing Chair
39098 Rosie
39099 Pinkie

Knight and Castle World
39785 White Crested Knight
39786 White Draped Horse

Wild Animal World
50173 Lemur
50177 Chameleon
50179 Alligator Snapping Turtle
50183 Playing Tiger Cub
50184 Tiger Paw Raised

Farm World
51519 Shetland Foal
54039 Baby German Shepherd


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