New E-Flite Blade MCP X Now In Stock!

The eagerly awaited new arrival from E-Flite, the Blade MCP X is now in stock at Wonderland Models. This brilliant new rc radio controlled helicopter is the lightest flybarless helicopter in its class. An ultra-micro collective pitch rc radio controlled helicopter, it is designed for intermediate to advanced pilots.
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E-Flite Blade MCP X


More specifically the mCP X will give transitioning pilots a more agile and capable collective pitch heli that will give them the confidence to master indoor aerobatics without the hesitance which comes with a larger outdoor only platform. Obviously the lower cost involved also makes it a much more economical alternative when learning.

It comes out of the box 100% factory built and equipped with a factory-installed Flybarless 3-in-1 Control Unit with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM receiver, ESCs, gyros and a 2.4GHz DX4e DSM2 transmitter.

As well as the heli itself in the box are two 1S 200mAh 25c batteries, a single port charger with AC adapter and a 1s High Current Ultra-Micro Battery adaptor lead. Also included are a pair of optional fast-flight main rotor blades for when confidence has grown. Transmitter batteries are also included.

Using an integrated Flybarless system, this awesome little heli to gets up in the air without a mechanical flybar. The benefits of this system provides reduced drag on the main rotor head which results in more power, longer flight times, and provides the pilot the best of both worlds between stability and agility.

The Blade mCP X is the ultimate ultra micro heli experience. Its revolutionary GX3 flybarless system, the most advanced on any ultra micro heli, delivers a level of power and cyclic response that is second to none. This, combined with the exceptionally small, lightweight mCP X airframe makes it possible to precisely fly extreme aerobatics in spaces no larger than a living room or conference room.


  • Type: Flybarless Ultra Micro Helicopter

  • Main: Rotor Diameter 245mm (9.65 in)

  • Length: 235mm (9.25 in)

  • Height: 93mm (3.65 in)

  • Tail Rotor: 36.5mm (1.4 in)

  • Weight: 45.5 g (1.6 oz)

  • Batteries: 1S 3.7V 200mAh 25C LiPo

  • Charger: E-flite Celectra DC LiPo balancing charger and AC power supply plus High-Current Ultra Micro Battery Adapter Lead

  • Radio: Spektrum DX4e 2.4GHz DSM transmitter with 4 AA batteries


  • Integrated flybarless unit increases stability, control and power, providing the ultimate ultra-micro heli experience for both indoor and out door use.

  • Overall strength due to strong lightweight design of the rotor head, use of carbon shafts and plastic components.

  • Capable of an array of manoeuvres such as inverted hover, loops, flips, rolls, funnels and hurricanes

  • The lightest heli in its class. Very low discloading results in high manoeuvrability and good collective response.

  • An optional set of fast-flight blades are included; specially weighted they are designed for faster and smoother forward flight

  • Robust, long-lasting dual ballrace supported linear cyclic servos maintain servo-to-swash precision throughout the increased lifetime

  • Two performance flight batteries included


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