New Dragon Models September 2014

Dragon have just announced lots of new releases that are due to hit our shores from September onwards.
There are 8 new 1/35 AFV kits including 2 from the Black Label range. The most popular of these is bound to be the British Army Saladin Mk.II Armoured Car. Introduced into service in the 1950s, the Saladin served with the British Army until the early 1980s and was exported to more than 20 countries. This highly detailed kit is expected to feature the upper and lower links of the suspension, plus the longitudinal torsion bar system. Also in the Black label range is the M103SA2 Heavy Tank. The kit recreates the modernised version of the M103 used by the USMC from 1964.
There is also a variety of German WWII AFV kits including  the Pz.Kpfz III Ausf.M with side armour plates, Sd.Kfz 7 8 ton half track 1943 production version, 10.5cm leFH 18/40 gun and crew and finally the Panzerkampfwagen IV(P) with Zimmerit. The last kit is the Porsche entry for the German heavy tank competition which led to the Tiger tank.
Soviet WWII AFV KITS include the ISU-152-2 155mm self-propelled gun and the T-34 tank as the Panzerkampfwagen T-34/85. The latter kit being the captured version of the  Russian T-34 used by the Germans due to shortages of their own tanks.
In their 1/6 scale range range, Dragon have announced a German Bicycle with Panzerfaust 60 anti-tank weapon.
Dragon's first ever kit was the 1/350 USS Ohio and ship modellers can look forward to an upgraded version of this as the USS Florida including the Dry Deck Shelter used by the USN to infiltrate SEAL team by submarine. Dragon have produced kits of a number of German WWII destroyers and are adding a fourth, the Z-26 Destroyer. The kit can be built as a full hull or waterline models and will contain photo-etched detail parts.






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