Meccano Spykee Spy Robot Now Available

The Meccano Spykee Spy Robot is a new innovation from Meccano. Spykee is far more than a radio controlled robot.
Spykee moves, watches, speaks and listens. He can play music over Wi-Fi so you can listen to your favourite tunes. You can use him as a look out, he will send you a picture via email or sound an alarm if he detects a movement.
Meccano Spykee Spy Robot
Other features include snapshots, sound and video recording, light voice and sound effects and video filters for amazing special effects. A Wi-Fi card is included and Spyke will even return to his re-charge post automatically when he is low on battery. You can control him on local wi-fi, or even over the internet so you can keep an eye on things back home from wherever you are. Even better, Spykee is equipped with Skype, so you can use him as a wireless VOIP phone as well as all his other exciting features.

Also, you get to construct the Meccano Spyke yourself like a real robot builder, and once constructed stands about 1 foot tall. Spykee really does offer something for everyone, fun for kids and adults alike, with special features great for adults. All you have to do is install the comprehensive software and you have a fully functional Wi-Fi enabled robot which you can control using the easy-to-use MMI or Machine Man Interface.

The Meccano Spykee is perfect for all the family, with something for everyone. Its many features mean that you can never become bored with play, and he will thrill everyone he meets.


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