Meccano Sale at Wonderland Models

Wonderland Models is proud to introduce our Meccano Sale with many of the construction sets now at greatly reduced prices. But we can only hold these sale prices for a limited period so do not delay and get yours today!

Meccano is one of those older traditional toys that offers both children and adults great challenges with the vast array of different models that can be made with each set.

Meccano Special Edition Train Set

Meccano Special Edition Train SetThe Meccano Special Edition Train Set is a limited edition Mecccano set containing 521 parts capable of building 6 different models and complete with a 6v motor, and it even comes packed in a sturdy carry case.
Normal Price: £59.99 Now Only £53.99

Includes a 6 Volt motor (requires 4 AA batteries, included).
This huge set comes packed in deluxe storage case.
Build the Locomotive and 5 more intricate toys with the illustrated instructions provided.
Or create your own designs that really move with the 521 parts included with this set.



Meccano 50 Model Set

Meccano 50 Model SetThe Meccano 50 Model Set can build 50 exciting motorised machines and impress friends using the 605 piece Meccano 50 Model Set.

The Meccano 50 Model Set lets children take on the role of a mechanical engineer using steel girders, plates, nuts, bolts and wheels.

Build up to 50 exciting moterised models! This set contains detailed instructions for 20 models with further suggestions for 30 models including a lorry, scooter, crane, helicopter and more, all motorised using the 6 Volt motor.

Normal Price: £59.99 Now Only £49.99

Meccano Mechanical Workshop

Meccano Mechanical WorkshopThe Meccano Mechanical Workshop is a limited edition Mecccano set capable of building 25 different models. This set comes with 742 individual parts making it one of the largest Meccano sets available.

Normal Price: £59.99 Now Only £44.99

Meccano Design 4X4 RC Off Road

Meccano Design 4x4 RCThe Meccano Design 4x4 RC Off Road is a brand new concept from Meccano that offers model builders options only dreamed about in the past.

Normal Price: £54.99 Now Only £49.49

Meccano Design 4x4 RC features
Contains 414 pieces
Can construct up to 3 models
Made from flexible 'memory metal'
6V motor included
RC batteries 6V battery pack battery charger included


Meccano Special Edition Concorde

Special Edition Concorde The Meccano Special Edition Concorde is a limited edition Mecccano set.

This set comes with 317 individual parts making it one of the most popular Meccano sets available.
Complete with tools and instructions.

Normal Price: £29.99 Now Only £28.49


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