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Edinburgh's leading Fireworks Shop and leading stockist, Wonderland Models, now have a massive selection of Fireworks for sale from 21st October until the 10th November. We also sell them for New Year from the 27th-31st December as well as for the Chinese New Year and the three days immediately preceding it and Diwali and the three days immediately preceding it as well. We have loads from the Bright Star range including massive rockets, booming barrages, mines, electric fountains, sparklers and a vast range of selection boxes from £10 up to over £100. Truly something for everybody!

Bright Star Fireworks

You need to be over 18 years of age to but fireworks so make sure and bring your ID. Get your celebrations off to a great start with fireworks from the experts! We only sell fireworks in store and cannot post them. 

Our selection of fireworks is massive and we stock loads from the Bright Star Fireworks range including:

  • Selection Boxes (From £11.99 to £129.99)
  • Fountains (From £10.99 to £59.99)
  • Roman Candles (From £14.99 to £19.99)
  • Barrages (From £7.99 to £124.99)
  • Rockets (From £6.99 to £99.99)
  • Mines £15.99
  • Sparklers (From 99p to £2.99)
  • Wheels (From £6.99 to £29.99)

Bright Star Party Box


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