Carrera Mario Kart 7 Racing Set

The Carrera Go!!! Nintendo Mario Kart 7 Set featuring Mario and Luigi is a 1/43 scale high quality slot car racing set from Carrera featuring a large slot car racing track along with what is probably the most popular Italian brotherly duo in computer game history!! Mario and Luigi!!

Carrera Mario Kart 7

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With Carrera Go!!! these famous Italian brothers hit the circuit and you know it's about to get serious. The Mario karts are perfectly equipped to let you step up to challenge and the result is down to you the driver! Top speed around the Carrera track and fearless driving into the loop, who's going to cross the line first?

The 4.9m circuit is complete with sharp bends, a high speed loop and a drive over making you take those extra risks. Put the pedal to the metal!! it's time for action! When Luigi and Mario take to the track, anything could happen!


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