A Buyer's Guide to Toy Animals and Figures

Animals and Figures

Toy animals and figures have been favourite children's toys throughout history, all the way back to crude prehistoric animal carvings right up to the most accurately detailed figurines available today from brands such as Papo and Schleich. There is such a huge variety available and every child has their favourites. Here we will go though each of the common series of animals and figures. Ask for a free catalogue when placing your order or grab one in store.

Farm Animals, Figures, and More

One of the most popular ranges for children to collect is farm toys. Farm World from Schleich and Farmyard Friends from Papo feature a huge range including all kinds of farm animals as well as farmers, and farm playsets. Collect herds of sheep and cattle, flocks of hens, and droves of pigs, as well as many other animals such as goats and donkeys. Create your own farm with the wide range of playsets including the Large Farm House. Farm animals and figures are perfect alongside diecast tractors and farm machinery from brands such as Siku and Britains.

Farm Animals


Often collected alongside farm toys are equestrian toys - horses, ponies, foals, riders, and playsets. From both Papo and Schleich you will find a wide range of horse breeds, both adults and foals, which can be paired with the range of rider figures. To go alongside the animals and riders there are also great playsets such as the Lakeside Country House, stables, horse boxes, and show jumping playsets.

Equestrian Animals

Pet Animals

Choose from a wide range of pets including dogs and puppies, cats, and rabbits.

Pet Animals

Wild Animals

Build your own zoo or go on safari with the huge range of wild animals from all around the world from the Wild Life range from Schleich, and the Wild Animal Kingdom and Marine Life ranges from Papo. The wild animals range includes lions, tigers, parrots, polar bears, penguins, sharks, and many more of children's most loved animals. With pandas at the Edinburgh Zoo, toy pandas are particularly popular in Edinburgh.

Wild Animals

Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Animals

Dinosaurs are incredibly popular toys for children. Build your own Jurassic Park with all your favourites including the tyrannosaurus rex, velociraptor, spinosaurus, triceratops, ankylosaurus, and many more. Dinosaur toys from Papo and Schleich are incredibly well detailed, with new versions featuring new poses and colourations coming out all the time. As well as dinosaurs there are many other prehistoric animals to choose from such as the mammoth and smilodon.

Dinosaurs Prehistoric Animals

Fairytale and Fantasy

Dive into the supernatural world of faeries and monsters with Fantasy World and The Enchanted World from Papo, and the Bayala and Eldrador ranges from Schleich. Choose from a wide range of fairytale characters and fantasy creatures including faeries, unicorns, dragons, princesses, witches and wizards, and much more.

Fairytale Fantasy

Historical Figures

Relive the glory of ages past with the range of historical figures such as the King of Scotland Robert the Bruce, Emperor of Rome Julius Caesar, and Marie Antoinette the last Queen of France.

Historical Figures


Plunder the high seas with your own ship full of pirates. The wooden Barbarossa Pirate Ship from Le Toy Van is a favourite. Build your pirate fort to protect your treasure, and bring cannons to bear to fend of the deadly Kraken. Beware, here be monsters.

Pirate Figures

Knights & Castles

Castles and knights are another popular choice of children's toys. There are many styles and sizes of castles to choose from Le Toy Van and Papo. All of our castles are pre-coloured and easy to assemble. The wooden Lion Heart Castle from Le toy Van is one of our most popular castles. We stock a huge range of medieval and fantasy knights and soldiers for your armies in many different poses and colour schemes - knights, archers, swordsmen, and more. Hold tournaments for jousting knights, go on quests with King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, or have a swashbuckling adventure with D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers.

Knights Figures


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